World Wide Gas Offers Amazing Flavored Cream Chargers

One of the best things about using Nitrous Oxide as a catering tool is the ability to inject brand new flavour into a dish just by using the right cream charger!

Because N2O is a neutral base when used as a propellant, it provides the perfect opportunity to get creative. By infusing the N2O with custom essences, it can be used as a carrier for a variety of popular flavourings.

How are Flavoured Chargers Used in Catering?

The most common use for a flavoured Nitrous Oxide charger is to create sweet whipped cream or a mousse whipping that has infused fruit flavours. Some examples of the types of cream chargers that World Wide Gas has on offer include mint, strawberry, lemon, grape, blueberry, and orange! These are all quite popular over a variety of desserts, ranging from ice creams to cakes to milkshakes and beyond.

Another popular use of flavoured chargers is behind the bar. Alcoholic drinks with foams are all the rage. Some of these foams use egg whites as a base, which can be a bit bland. The foam is immediately transformed by a fruity N2O infusion, however. Not only is it a time saver when compared to preparing the foam from scratch in a shaker, but the enhancement of using a complimentary flavour to the drink’s base cannot be understated.

Similarly, creating fizzy fruit drinks with the splash of essence provided by flavoured cream chargers can be a crowd favourite. Using a more neutral base like apple or grape juice will really allow that extra enhancement to shine through.

But it isn’t just fruit drinks that can benefit from a fizzy burst of flavour. Egg creams, a type of bubbly milkshake that is served ice cold, can benefit greatly from flavoured N2O. Despite their name, these drinks don’t contain any egg whites or cream! They’re made with milk, fizzy water, and flavored syrup. This means the flavoured Nitrous blend can do double duty: It can make the water fizzy and help infuse the syrup, all while injecting new flavour into the final result.

But the options don’t end at sweet creams and foams. Savoury whipped dips are becoming more and more popular. Custom N2O flavorings can include many rich umami tastes. Infusing a dip with the essence of herbs or bullions or even smokey barbeque flavouring can immediately transform a simple dish into something subtly wonderful.

In order to take advantage of the more savoury possibilities, or to suggest new lines of sweet chargers, it is best to go right to the source.

Custom Flavor Availability

For those who desire something a bit more exotic than the six standard cream charger flavours that World Wide Gas has to offer, consider requesting a custom blend!

By working alongside the infusion professionals right at the source, brand new culinary creations can be forged: Exotic fruits, blended or hybrid essences, or even umami and other savoury blends are all on the table.

The first step is contacting World Wide Gas and describing the intended use and expected result of the custom N2O mix. Oftentimes, there are options available that that clients didn’t even consider, such as using the Nitrous Oxide to push flavour into existing sauces, oils, syrups, or marinades. In this way, something that seemed quite complex at the start can be made far more simple.

Once a custom flavour palette and a plan of action has been chosen, the experimentation starts. It takes some trial and error before the chemists get the custom flavour just right, harnessing not only the right aromatic and taste blends, but the right intensity for most purposes. The concentrations and ratios must be exact.

Once a custom flavour has been created, tested, and approved, it’s time to package and ship the new creation. And while the standard cream chargers are certainly popular for such things, clients can also opt for 580g, 1100g, and 2000g containers of their flavoured N2O. These more industrial sizes are particularly popular with larger caterers, with restaurants and bars that have long term set menus, and at multi-day events that would easily blow through an 8g charger in no time at all.

If the request came directly from a catering business or restaurant, World Wide Gas will then arrange for the local distributor to take charge of the account and do all of the receiving and delivery, as well as future ordering and provisioning. If the request was from a distributor, World Wide Gas will help with the new product’s branding if desired, before sending off the first shipment via the normal distribution channels.

The Final Word

Opportunities for the use of standard and custom flavoured cream chargers, as well as the larger N2O containers that World Wide Gas has on offer, are everywhere. For the standard flavours of mint, strawberry, lemon, grape, blueberry, and orange, mixing and matching types in a single order is not uncommon. Clients frequently want to try an array of bold new menu options all at the same time. This is good news for everyone involved, from the distributors to the clients to the customers who get to taste these wonderful new creations. Innovation and opportunity often go hand in hand.

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