World Wide Gas’ N2O Brand, Gastro™, An International Hit

Although World Wide Gas is known for its ability to help a distributor create their own, vibrant brand for Nitrous Oxide products, there is an alternative that might be more attractive to some. Internal or ‘in-house’ brands are available for distributors who simply want to use an established name to serve clients in their region.

The most famous and successful of these in-house brands is Gastro™. A simple search for ‘Gastro™ cream chargers’ will bring up a virtual army of successful distributors who are using World Wide Gas’ success to their advantage.

In this article, we’ll discuss how Gastro™ became such a success, the exclusivity of the brand, and how distributors can opt into the in-house branding program to seek out their success.

The Gastro™ Brand Around the World

The briefest of glances is all one needs to discover how many countries Gastro™ is sold in USA, Australia, Middle East, Israel, Europe, and many others. Distributors around the world are enjoying success because they get to use a trusted name in the industry.

The success of the brand is tied in with its adoption by the worlds second largest coffee store chain, caribou, second only to Starbucks chose Gastro™ as their exclusive in-house Nitrous Oxide brand, using it for all of their whipped cream and fountain needs. From there, the brand’s popularity skyrocketed as word in the industry started to spread. The combination of affordability, availability in multiple container sizes, and quality was a hit with drink venues, restaurants, and catering services alike.

The proven in-house brand had become an overwhelming success. Companies started calling World Wide Gas by the hundreds, asking how they could get a hold of the popular product.

Gastro™ is a World Wide Gas Exclusive

But it wasn’t a simple matter of selling directly to clients: World Wide Gas always works through their exclusive regional distributors in some countries and are looking to appoint exclusive distributors in all countries, making sure that any demands are forwarded on to them. Gastro™ remains a brand that is exclusive to World Wide Gas, and its distribution is protected from region to region.

This means that distributors can lock up Gastro™ distribution for their region in both the 8g cream charger size and the 580g and 1100g cylinder tanks in natural flavor plus a complete range of sweet and savory flavors. Once an agreement is signed and the initial supply is sent, the distributor becomes the only conduit for Gastro™ distribution in their area. It doesn’t matter where the sales lead comes from, if it is a company in their region, they will be the one who benefits from taking on the new client.

World Wide Gas’ unwavering loyalty to their distribution team helped to put Gastro™ on the map in countries around the world. Anyone who is interested in joining the Gastro™ and World Wide Gas team, keep reading; we’ll detail how it all works.

Becoming a Gastro™ Distributor

The process for becoming a Gastro™ distributor, or a distributor of any of World Wide Gas’ in-house or custom brands, starts with a simple conversation about business planning. The main things that a successful Nitrous Oxide distributor needs are a good brand, a proper business plan, and the funding to make that plan work. World Wide Gas can help with the first two things. They have been advising and coaching successful N2O distribution companies for years.

What does a Gastro™ distributor get?

  • Area or territory exclusivity.
  • The ability to set their own selling price for the region.
  • Guaranteed supply and availability.
  • A supplier dedicated to making the Gastro™ brand successful all over the world.
  • A vertically integrated supplier, with all manufacturing done in-house.
  • A fully licensed factory with multiple product sizes.
  • Exclusivity of the Gastro™ brand, used by the world’s 2nd largest coffee chain Caribou.
  • Worldwide trademark protection to avoid brand copying.
  • Marketing advice supplied by one of the World’s most successful N2O producers.
  • Complete export Customs Clearance procedures guaranteeing no export country seizures

The advantage to using an in-house brand like Gastro™ is that there is already a reputation for success attached to that brand name. The basic Gastro™ distribution model can be the distributor’s only strategy, or they may wish to hybridize in the future after they establish a track record for success. Many successful distributors start off with just Gastro™, only to create a parallel custom brand years later, because they know that there are clients in their region who are looking for something branded a little bit differently.

Any of World Wide Gas’ distributors who branch off into their own custom brand will receive the company’s full and enthusiastic support. They’ll have access to custom cylinder and charger colors, private label design, a pre-delivery marketing team that can help provide images for ad campaigns before the product is even shipped out, and World Wide Gas’ quality guarantee. All the while, the distributor can continue to provide their existing clients with Gastro™ branded products, and take advantage of their reliable, established sales and revenue stream.

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