Who is Worldwide Gas?

Anyone reading this probably already knows that World Wide Gas is the world’s biggest manufacturer of wholesale nitrous oxide products. Our name says it all really; we distribute cylinders and cream chargers of N2O all over the globe.

But the real answer goes a bit deeper than that. Let’s take a little time to explore the visions of brilliant scientists and engineers, of gifted business minds and marketing gurus. Because those are the folks who made World Wide Gas such a huge success.

The Last Honest Game in Town

World Wide Gas is one of only two certified, fully compliant nitrous oxide factories in China. That might be a shock to some people, because there are dozens of Chinese N2O companies claiming to be 100% legitimate.

But the sad truth is, they’re lying. The number of knockoff N2O companies out there is disheartening. Some of them buy the individual components and assemble them on site for resale. And while that might be deceptive, it isn’t as bad as the companies who over pressurize their weak cream chargers, selling a product that is dangerous to ship and even more dangerous to use.

Being fully regulated costs a little bit more. Going through all of the correct inspections and renewing all of the required licenses is a harder road. But at the end of the day, our distributors know for a fact that they’re selling the safest, highest quality product on the market today. Integrity and excellence have to come first.

100% In House Production

One of the most important reasons to work with talented scientists and engineers is the ability to innovate. And another reason is to develop an entirely self-sufficient manufacturing system. At World Wide Gas, we’re lucky enough to have completely unique products that we manufacture entirely on site.

Our scientists created the environmentally friendly 580g, 1100g, and 2000g disposable
cylinders to meet new market demands. They are made from 100% recycled materials, and after use they can be easily recycled. When compared to the fuel costs and packaging required to safely ship around empty tanks for recharging, there’s just no contest as to which method is better for our planet.

But we have something else to brag about, if you’ll indulge us for a moment: Our factory’s chief engineer is one of the leading manufacturers of N2O machinery on the planet! It’s because of him that our proprietary systems and production methods are a reality, including the only automated filling and weighing system for Max range sizes anywhere in the world.

Because it’s all in house, our quality control is incomparable. If there’s ever a mischarge, we can catch it as each individual canister is weighed before shipping. Our product is guaranteed to reach its destination in perfect shape. If there’s ever an issue with the shipment, we have the ability to immediately manufacture and ship replacements.

The only thing we don’t make in the factory are the cardboard boxes. And we’re very picky about our cardboard boxes!

Success Breeds Success

We have one of the finest distributor support and mentoring programs in the industry. Worldwide Gas distributors have many routes to success.

They can create their own brand, and we help them strive for success every step of the way. 80% of our distributors use a private label, so we’ve accumulated quite a bit of experience in the field of custom printing, and new product launch campaigns. We help our distributors with branding, design, and pre-delivery marketing.

But there’s another road to success in the World Wide Gas family. Distributors can use our established, in-house brands. One example of our branding is the Gastro™ line of products. It is the N2O brand used by the world’s 2nd largest coffee house, Carib.

No matter which branding and distribution model our distributors use, they can rest assured that our quality production and branding process will be able to contribute to their own success.

So, Who Are We?

We’re scientists. And engineers. We’re a salesforce. And a manufacturing giant. We’re marketing experts and we’re shipping gurus.

But perhaps most importantly: We’re doing the difficult and making it look easy, because we care about the success and safety of our distributors and the customers who use our products every day.

We’re World Wide Gas, the biggest manufacturer of wholesale nitrous oxide products on Earth.

But you knew that. Like we said: Our name says it all.

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