Should I Rent or Buy a Helium Tank?

For those planning events, or for businesses requiring a steady supply of helium, the decision to rent or buy a helium tank is an important one. In this article, we weigh up the pros and cons of renting vs. buying a helium tank to help you decide which one is best for your specific situation and requirements.

But first, let’s look at the current state of the helium market.

The Helium Market

In recent years, the helium market has experienced fluctuations due to an increase in demand because of its diverse number of applications. Increased energy prices, as well as a helium shortage and a disrupted supply chain, have also influenced demand and price across the board. This is important as a fluctuation in demand and price can impact industries that rely on helium, such as medicine and entertainment, which can influence the decision to rent or buy a helium tank. We’ll explore this in more detail below. 

Renting a Helium Tank 


Renting a helium tank is an economical option for those who only require helium as a one-off, such as for special events or seasonal promotions. Instead of investing in a tank that might end up sitting idle for extended periods of time, renting allows you to pay for the helium you use. Renting also provides the option to choose the appropriate tank size based on your specific needs for each event, which is ideal for customers with varying helium requirements.


Rental companies also tend to handle tank maintenance and safety checks, ensuring that the equipment meets industry standards. This relieves the responsibility of maintaining and inspecting the tank as the rental team will often check, deliver and collect the tank (though safety protocols will still need to be adhered to). 

balloon being filled up with helium

Buying a Helium Tank 


While renting may seem cost-effective for sporadic use, the cumulative cost of renting can surpass the upfront investment of purchasing a helium tank. If you use helium often, then buying is the more financially sensible decision in the long run — in particular if you opt for a refillable tank, which saves you the hassle of buying a brand new tank every time. 

In the event that you no longer need your helium, owning a helium tank gives you the option to sell or lease the equipment. This potential for resale adds an extra layer of reassurance to your investment.


Renting also means relying on the availability of helium tanks from a rental team, which can be challenging in times of high demand during helium shortages. Owning a helium tank puts you in control of your own supply and, through establishing a relationship with your manufacturer or distributor, may mean you’re able to receive helium regardless of the demand. For example, at Worldwide Gas, our extensive network means we can always deliver helium, even when other suppliers face shortages. 

On the flip side, purchasing a helium tank does mean you are responsible for maintenance and safety checks, which requires a commitment to adhere to industry standards. You will also need to have adequate storage space to keep the helium tank.

However, it is also possible to purchase disposable helium tanks. This puts you in control of your supply — even if just for a one-off event — but doesn’t mean you need to keep or maintain a helium tank. Instead, you can dispose of your tank or canister after use, according to local and manufacturer regulations. 


You can purchase retail ready cylinders with a recognisable in-house brand, or work with our expert design team to customise helium tanks with your branding, logos, colours and packaging (with pre- and post delivery marketing support). This is perfect for businesses, such as party shops, event planners or retailers, looking to have a professional and cohesive brand image. Indeed, a personalised helium tank can help to improve brand awareness, build trust and recognition among your target audience, increase marketing opportunities and otherwise help you stand out from your competitors.

Customisation also allows you to align the helium tank with sponsors for events or specific promotional campaigns. 

This is often not possible when you rent a helium tank, as the tank will be reused for other businesses or applications. 


if you require helium for a more advanced application which requires more helium over a longer period of time, such as welding or cyrogenicsthen purchasing a helium tank could be the better option. You should consider the availability of helium suppliers in your area though; if there are reliable suppliers who can deliver helium or refill your tank with ease, then buying is the more convenient option. 

Final Considerations 

The decision to rent or buy ultimately comes down to the specific needs and circumstances of the consumer. If your helium needs are intermittent, renting may be the most practical and cost-effective option. However, you may face issues when helium is facing high demand or shortage. On the other hand, if you have consistent and frequent helium requirements, buying a helium tank can lead to long-term savings and enable you to have a constant supply, even during periods where there is a helium shortage. Just make sure that you will use the helium, and that you have adequate storage before making a final decision. 

You can rent or purchase helium tanks in various sizes, depending on your needs. At Worldwide Gas, we offer helium tanks and cylinders in the following sizes:

  • Mini: 1L Alu & Steel Cylinders –  Inflates 15 balloons.
  • Essential: 7L Steel & 2.2L Alu & Steel Cylinders –  Inflates 30 balloons.
  • Jumbo: 13L Steel & 3.3L Alu & Steel Cylinders –  Inflates 45 – 50 balloons.
  • Mega: 22L Steel  –  Inflates 100 balloons.
While smaller cylinders are convenient for a small gathering or event, larger tanks are typically used for inflating a larger number of balloons, such as for weddings, large parties, or corporate functions. For businesses or organisations who need helium in bulk, including for applications that aren’t balloons (such as in medicine or science), helium manufacturers and wholesale suppliers may also be able to provide larger quantities helium at competitive prices. 

Worldwide Gas are the largest manufacturer of wholesale helium and nitrous oxide gas cylinders, tanks and accessories in the world. Our distributors have access to our design team, with pre- and post-delivery marketing support. Choose your branding, logos, colours and packaging, and work with our experts to bring your custom helium or nitrous oxide products to life. 

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