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Helium & Nitrous Oxide Manufacturer

100% In-House

Worldwide Gas is one of only two certified, fully compliant factories in China able to produce Helium & N2O cylinders, tanks and chargers. But more than this, nobody else currently offers manufacturing with custom made options for cylinder colors, designs, and flavor choice. All our manufacturing and production process are subject to constant and consistent quality control which is second to none.

Using a non-certified nitrous oxide provider is very risky. One of our illegal pseudo competitors shipped out six full containers with faulty valves, and the customer waited six months for a replacement. Another company lost their entire investment when the factory they paid was closed down for non-compliance, lacking certification and illegal unlicensed production. It comes as no surprise this self-styled ‘Smart, Deluxe Whip Cream’ manufacturer was recently closed down.

That is why its important to work with us, one of only two certified, fully compliant factories.

Our Production

We are proud to be a vertically integrated company with all processes in-house fulfilled by our proprietary systems, equipment and operating practises.

Our latest production line in China is operated by the same engineer who designed custom cylinder manufacturing equipment and manufactured millions of cream chargers. This is why we have custom automated filling machines for a wide range of sizes, from 230g right up to 22ltr cylinders.

We also have individual, automated weight control. Each cream charger and cylinder must be the correct shipping weight, or it is automatically rejected. That way we know our client is getting a fully charged, safe product every time.

Some of our illegal competitors buy in each individual component and ‘assemble’ their products from parts. But when something goes wrong, nobody takes responsibility. The company blames the parts manufacturers, and the parts manufacturers blame the company. The customer never gets their product and they never get their money back.

This is why it is important to go with a certified fully integrated nitrous oxide provider. If anything was ever found to be needing attention, there is an immediate investigation and the replacement process is kicked off right away.

Quality Guarantee

Because our process is 100% in-house, we take on full accountability and ensure complete quality control of all processes. Your product is guaranteed to reach you in perfect shape.

Each product is issued with a barcode, expiry date and batch number to enable full product traceability.

Inspection Agents

We welcome the inspection of your goods by independent agents that you may appoint at any time. These agents work on your behalf and take their instructions from you. For a small fee, they will inspect goods before your final balance is paid, and track customer orders, payments issues, port inspections, shipping and export declarations, and the like.