Internationally Untested 1100g N2O Cylinders Cause Confusion

In an unexpected announcement, an Amsterdam based company revealed their own line of 1100g N2O Cylinders. Disturbingly, the EU standard that was used to test them was over half a decade old, not taking into account recent advancements in the field.

They have only opted to go for their regional certifications, bringing into question their fitness on the international level. Whether or not these new products pass more rigorous safety and health standards on the international scale is completely unknown at this time.

Meanwhile, World Wide Gas’ recyclable 1100g N2O Cylinders continue to pass the most stringent standards. Their safety rating is on par with the very best in the world. We will continue to monitor the emerging situation, and we will continue to adhere to the worldwide quality standards for N2O products.

Intellectual Property in the N2O Field

Here at World Wide Gas, we know that our cylinder designs and product integrity are at the leading edge of the N2O field. The scientists and engineers that we employ are specialists in the field. It has enabled us to create a unique weight based check system that ensures that our nitrous oxide products are properly charged and fully intact, from the assembly line all the way to the shipping room.

Realistically, unscrupulous competitors will always try to reverse-engineer our products to see why we’re the best. And while it is easier to defend our intellectual property in our home country, it becomes harder and harder to keep the copycats at bay in the most remote reaches of the globe. Our innovations are constantly under attack by the corner-cutting competition.

But what the pretenders cannot copy is World Wide Gas’ commitment to integrity, and our peerless dedication to customer success. Our wholesale clients receive a level of branding and logistics support that is unmatched.

They also have access to our in-house brands, some of which are seen in the biggest food and beverage chains in the world. And as we continue to break barriers and our technology advances, it is immediately made available to our loyal clients throughout the world.

World Wide Gas Still the World Leader in 1100g N2O Cylinder Production

As one of only two certified, fully compliant nitrous oxide factories in China, World Wide Gas continues to be the standard that other companies aspire to achieve. Knockoff N2O companies can’t touch the quality and support that World Wide Gas has on offer.

News of a recent competitor from Europe hit the wires just this week. But like all of the lower quality N2O corporations out there, they buy the individual components and assemble them on site for resale. Which means they can’t touch the end to end in-house manufacturing process that World Wide Gas provides. When every component is built internally, and every product tested at each critical stage, there can be no compromise.
Being fully regulated costs a little bit more.

So does having internal manufacturing and automated product testing at every production and assembly point. But our distributors prefer to work with us because we’re known for quality. They can rest easy knowing that they’re selling the safest, highest quality product on the market today.

So Who Are We?

We’re scientists. And engineers. We’re a salesforce. And a manufacturing giant. We’re marketing experts and we’re shipping gurus.

But perhaps most importantly: We’re doing the difficult and making it look easy, because we care about the success and safety of our distributors and the customers who use our products every day.

We’re Worldwide Gas, the biggest manufacturer of wholesale nitrous oxide products on Earth. But you knew that. Like we said: Our name says it all.

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