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Canisters, Cylinders & Tanks for Balloons

At Worldwide Gas, we are your trusted source for wholesale helium gas canisters, cylinders and tanks for balloons, available in both refillable and disposable variations. As the largest manufacturer of helium in the world, we offer every type of helium product for your needs, with the option to customise to your unique brand — just choose a design and colour of your choice, and our expert team will bring your vision to life.

Helium Balloon Canisters & Cylinder Range

Mini Range
15 Balloons

1l - STEEL & ALU


7l Steel
2.2L - Steel & Alu

45- 50 Balloons

13L & 3.3L Steel

MEGA Range
100 Ballons

22L Steel

Wholesale, Custom Brand or Retail Ready

Retail ready cylinders
our range of retail ready cylinders are available in all sizes


Elevate Your Business with Helium FOR BAlloons!

What You Can Expect As A Wholesaler

Create your own helium brand

Take advantage of our complete custom service—bring your own design or collaborate with our design team. Personalise cylinder colors and box packaging, and select any size for every event or occasion.

Reliable Supply

Thanks to our extensive network, we can always deliver helium, even when other suppliers face shortages.

Wholesale Packages

Unique wholesale distribution packages are available, including products and deals tailored to your needs.

Streamlined Ordering

Pallets and containers arrive safely at your chosen port, and our experienced import agents will help you complete the necessary paperwork.

Wholesalers and Distributors have access to our design team, with pre- and post-delivery marketing support.

Choose your branding, logos, colours and packaging, and work with our experts to bring custom helium products to life.

We also cater of custom amounts of helium for larger applications.

What You Can Expect As A Retailer


Enhance your offerings and maximise your profit margins by stocking a wide range of helium products for your customers.

Reliable Supply

Thanks to our extensive network, we can always deliver helium, even when other suppliers face shortages.

Marketing Pack

Pre-delivery marketing pack with labels, product images and videos, sample web pages, mailshot blasts, and free blog and social media content.


Make your events unforgettable with balloons, bouquets, arches and centrepieces that last for longer with our high-quality helium tanks.

Our helium has a 99.99% purity level, ensuring your customers receive the highest quality product available.

Are you an event planner, party shop or other retailer? Join the 1000s of businesses that have trusted us to provide consistent, high-quality helium that makes balloons stay buoyant for longer.

Whether you need helium for a small event or larger-scale operation, we offer canisters, cylinders and tanks in a range of sizes to cater to your needs.

Fill up hundreds of balloons in minutes with our easy-to-use products — no complicated setup or technical expertise is required. Our convenient helium solutions make it easy to fill balloons whenever, wherever.

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