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Custom Design and Branding

Focused On Making Your Brand Successful

As a Worldwide Gas distributor, there are many paths to success. You can create your own brand, and we’ll help you every step of the way. 80% of our distributors have their own label, and we are 100% focused on making you and your chosen brand label a success.

All distributors have access to our design team and pre- and post-delivery marketing.

Designing Success

To see branded design examples click on any of the four images…

Designer labels, sizes and colours

Any cylinder, in any size and any colour, made with a design label of your choice. 

Cream Charger boxes in high demand sizes with any design.

Unique Cream Chargers

Any flavor for any occasion

Sweet and savoury flavours available on all cylinder sizes and cream charger packs.

Fuel your success with customised regulators and whippers. 

Regulators & Whipper


High quality customised cylinders filled with 100% helium – guaranteed.

The other option is to use our established, in-house brands. One example of this kind of branding is our Gastro™ line of products. It is used by the world’s 2nd largest coffee house, Caribou.

The advantage to using an in-house brand is that there is already a reputation for success attached to those brand names. We can help you put together a distribution model that uses our own brands as a step towards your own success.


Contact us with any questions about branding, logos, colours, packaging, or a hybrid model. We'll be happy to discuss your options and help design your future.