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Become a Gas Distributor

We Are Looking For Outstanding Distribution Partners Worldwide!

We are only as good as the distributors we work with.
We make our distributors the best.


Healthy Profits, Unlimited Stock

  • Area or territory exclusivity.
  • Ability to set your own selling price.
  • Guaranteed supply and availability.
  • A supplier dedicated to making your customer brand successful.
  • A vertically integrated supplier, with all manufacturing done in-house.
  • A fully licensed factory with four product sizes, rather than the one size others offer.
  • Exclusive product innovations, from certified packaging to new flavours and sizes.
  • Supersize 100 Charger Packs as well as 10,24 and 50 packs.
  • Custom cylinder and charger colours.
  • Choose your own brand or use our proven in-house brands.
  • Exclusivity to brands like Gastro™, used by the world’s 2nd largest coffee chain Caribou.
  • Chinese trademark protection to avoid brand copying.
  • One Stop Store Supplying Whippers, Regulators, Pressure Nozzles and more.
  • Pre-launch new product access and marketing
  • Multi own brand design for your customers

To become a distributor, you need to have a long-term financial plan and business stability, with access to funds to invest in the product.

FCL - Full Container Load will cost about US$ 140,000 for 11,500 cylinders.

Sales, Investment & Profit Examples as follows:

Profitable Cashflow Investment

580g Cylinder Profit, & cashflow projection

Profit, finance & cashflow InvestmentPcs/CylindersTotal
Purchase price $12.50 per pcs11,520 $140,000
Import duty5% $7,000
Agent fees $400 $400
Transport port to warehouse $400 $400
Total net cost $147,800
Sale price $17.5011,200 $196,000
Profit $48,200
Cashflow RequirementCostIncomeBalance
Week 1 Deposit30%-$42,000-$42,000
Week 4Balance70%-$98,000-$140,000
Week 6-8Customer sales deposits25%$49,000-$91,000
Week 8Customs and import fees-$7,800-$98,800
Week 9-10Customer sales75%$147,000$48,200

8g Charger Profit, & cashflow projection

Profit, finance & cashflow InvestmentPcs/CylindersTotal
Purchase price $0.17 per charger 600,000 $102,000
Import duty5% $ 5,100
Agent fees $400 $400
Transport port to warehouse $400 $400
Total net cost $107,900
Sale price$ 0.23 per charger600,000 $138,000
Profit $30,100
Cashflow RequirementCostIncomeBalance
Week 1 Deposit30%-$30,600-$30,600
Week 4Balance70%-$71,400-$102,000
Week 6-8Customer sales deposits25%$34,500-$67,500
Week 8Customs and import fees-$5,900-$73,400
Week 9-10Customer sales75%$103,500$30,100

A brief outline of the distribution process

  • Confirm Sizes, Quantity, Branding And Flavor
  • Agree and Approve Branding and Designs
  • Pay 30% Deposit
  • 2-4 Weeks Production Time With Video And Photo Updates
  • Local Inspection Agent’s Verification Check
  • Pay 70% Balance
  • We Pay Shipping And Insurance Cover
  • 2-5 Weeks Exported Product Arrives At Your Sea Port.
  • A Recommend Agent Assists With Import and Customs Clearance
  • You Pay Import Duty and Any Local Taxes and Charges
  • You Transport To Your Warehouse Or Customers
  • Sell and re-order

Our pre-delivery marketing pack includes a design service for your and your customer’s labels, product images and videos, sample web pages, mailshot blasts, free blog content, and social media content. You can start marketing your new product line before it is even delivered!

Easy Importing

Pallets and containers arrive at your chosen port. Easy import starts by using your agent or our recommended experienced import agent who arrange everything using
the complete and necessary paperwork and documentation we supply for easy importing.

  • BL – Bill of Laden
  • CI – Commercial Invoice
  • PL – Packing List
  • COO – Certificate of Origin
  • MSDS – Materials Safety Data Sheet
  • FDA – Federal Drug Agency Certificate
  • COA – Certificate of analysis
  • Hazardous Chemicals Declaration
  • DGD – Dangerous Goods Declaration
  • CE – Certificate of Compliance

Sales Channels

We never compete with our distributors, we only sell B2B as an exporter to wholesalers, never directly to small businesses or retail customers

We seek exclusive distributors in every country. They can set their own prices and supply their customers. Any sales leads for the region are passed directly to the exclusive distributor for the area.

The distributor will be responsible for having enough stock for their clients, with a guaranteed supply line with constant regular availability. They will be responsible for making the customs declarations and clearance into their port and country.

Become a Distributor

We are looking for distribution partners all over the world!